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Seminars 2017 Optimal Concavity for Newtonian Potentials Abstract   PDF (English)
Paolo Salani
Seminars 2014 Parabolic Problems with Dynamic Boundary Conditions in Lp Spaces Abstract   PDF (English)
Davide Guidetti
Seminars 2012 Partial reconstruction of the source term in a linear parabolic problem Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Davide Guidetti
Seminars 2012 Perturbative methods for inverse problems on degenerate differential equations Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Angelo Favini
Seminars 2011 Potenze frazionarie e teoria della interpolazione per operatori lineari multivoci ed applicazioni Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Angelo Favini
Seminars 2017 Radial Positive Solutions for p-Laplacian Supercritical Neumann Problems Abstract   PDF (English)
Francesca Colasuonno, Benedetta Noris
Seminars 2016 Recent Progresses in the Theory of Nonlinear Nonlocal Problems Abstract   PDF (English)
Sunra Mosconi, Marco Squassina
Seminars 2013 Reconstruction of a convolution kernel in a parabolic problem with a memory term in the boundary conditions Abstract   PDF (English)
Davide Guidetti
Seminars 2010 Regolarità delle soluzioni di viscosità dell'equazione iconale Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Paolo Albano
Seminars 2012 Regularity issues for local minimizers of the Mumford & Shah energy in 2D Abstract   PDF (English)
Matteo Focardi
Seminars 2016 Regularity Results for Local Minimizers of Functionals with Discontinuous Coefficients Abstract   PDF (English)
Raffaella Giova, Antonia Passarelli di Napoli
Seminars 2010 Risultati di perturbazione per operatori lineari multivoci ed applicazioni Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Angelo Favini
Seminars 2010 Risultati di regolarità per il problema dell'ostacolo relativo ad equazioni di Kolmogorov degeneri Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Sergio Polidoro
Seminars 2016 Semiclassical Analysis in Infinite Dimensions: Wigner Measures Abstract   PDF (English)
Marco Falconi
Seminars 2011 Some relations between fractional Laplace operators and Hessian operators Abstract   PDF (English)
Fausto Ferrari
Seminars 2016 Some Remarks on Harmonic Projection Operators on Spheres Abstract   PDF (English)
Valentina Casarino
Seminars 2015 Some Zaremba-Hopf-Oleinik Boundary Comparison Principles at Characteristic Points Abstract   PDF (English)
Giulio Tralli
Seminars 2016 Steiner Formula and Gaussian Curvature in the Heisenberg Group Abstract   PDF (English)
Eugenio Vecchi
Seminars 2010 Subharmonic functions in sub-Riemannian settings Abstract   PDF (English)
Ermanno Lanconelli
Seminars 2010 Sulla simmetria delle soluzioni stabili di alcune equazioni semilineari Abstract   PDF (English)
Fausto Ferrari
Seminars 2010 Sull’equazione det Du = f senza ipotesi di segno Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Giovanni Cupini
Seminars 2014 The Cauchy Problem for Schrödinger Equations with Time-Dependent Hamiltonian Abstract   PDF (English)
Massimo Cicognani
Seminars 2017 The Isoperimetric Problem in Carnot-Caratéodory Spaces Abstract   PDF (English)
Valentina Franceschi
Seminars 2015 The Quaternionic Hardy Space and the Geometry of the Unit Ball Abstract   PDF (English)
Giulia Sarfatti
Seminars 2017 Time Fractional Derivatives and Evolution Equations Abstract   PDF (English)
Davide Guidetti
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