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Seminars 2010 I Teoremi di Campbell, Baker, Hausdorff e Dynkin. Storia, Prove, Problemi Aperti Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Andrea Bonfiglioli
Seminars 2016 Identification for General Degenerate Problems of Hyperbolic Type Abstract   PDF (English)
Angelo Favini, Gabriela Marinoschi
Seminars 2011 Interpolation inequalities in pattern formation Abstract   PDF (English)
Eleonora Cinti
Seminars 2013 Intrinsic stratifications of analytic varieties Abstract   PDF (English)
François Treves
Seminars 2015 Inverse Problems for Parabolic Differential Equations from Control Theory Abstract   PDF (English)
Mohammed Al Horani, Angelo Favini
Seminars 2013 Lanzani-Stein inequalities in Heisenberg groups Abstract   PDF (English)
Annalisa Baldi
Seminars 2016 Linear Parabolic Mixed Problems in Spaces of Hölder Continuous Functions: Old and New Results Abstract   PDF (English)
Davide Guidetti
Seminars 2012 Lipschitz estimates for convex functions with respect to vector fields Abstract   PDF (English)
Valentino Magnani
Seminars 2010 Local Monotonicity and Isoperimetric Inequality on Hypersurfaces in Carnot groups Abstract   PDF (English)
Francesco Paolo Montefalcone
Seminars 2015 Local Regularity For Elliptic Systems With p, q-Growth Abstract   PDF (English)
Giovanni Cupini, Elvira Mascolo
Seminars 2012 Minimal connections: the classical Steiner problem and generalizations Abstract   PDF (English)
Emanuele Paolini
Seminars 2016 Noncommutative Fourier Analysis on Invariant Subspaces: Frames of Unitary Orbits and Hilbert Modules over Group von Neumann Algebras Abstract   PDF (English)
Davide Barbieri
Seminars 2015 On KP Multi–Soliton Solutions Associated To Rational Degenerations Of Real Hyperelliptic Curves Abstract   PDF (English)
Simonetta Abenda
Seminars 2014 On Optimal Hardy Inequalities in Cones Abstract   PDF (English)
Baptiste Devyver, Yehuda Pinchover, Georgios Psaradakis
Seminars 2015 On Some Generalisations of Meyers-Serrin Theorem Abstract   PDF (English)
Davide Guidetti, Batu Güneysu, Diego Pallara
Seminars 2016 On the First Boundary Value Problem for Hypoelliptic Evolution Equations: Perron-Wiener Solutions and Cone-Type Criteria Abstract   PDF (English)
Alessia E. Kogoj
Seminars 2014 Parabolic Problems with Dynamic Boundary Conditions in Lp Spaces Abstract   PDF (English)
Davide Guidetti
Seminars 2012 Partial reconstruction of the source term in a linear parabolic problem Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Davide Guidetti
Seminars 2012 Perturbative methods for inverse problems on degenerate differential equations Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Angelo Favini
Seminars 2011 Potenze frazionarie e teoria della interpolazione per operatori lineari multivoci ed applicazioni Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Angelo Favini
Seminars 2016 Recent Progresses in the Theory of Nonlinear Nonlocal Problems Abstract   PDF (English)
Sunra Mosconi, Marco Squassina
Seminars 2013 Reconstruction of a convolution kernel in a parabolic problem with a memory term in the boundary conditions Abstract   PDF (English)
Davide Guidetti
Seminars 2010 Regolarità delle soluzioni di viscosità dell'equazione iconale Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Paolo Albano
Seminars 2012 Regularity issues for local minimizers of the Mumford & Shah energy in 2D Abstract   PDF (English)
Matteo Focardi
Seminars 2016 Regularity Results for Local Minimizers of Functionals with Discontinuous Coefficients Abstract   PDF (English)
Raffaella Giova, Antonia Passarelli di Napoli
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