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Seminars 2014 Lp - Liouville theorems for invariant evolution equations Abstract   PDF (English)
Alessia E. Kogoj
Seminars 2014 A General Approach to Identification Problems and Applications Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Angelo Favini
Seminars 2014 A Liouville Theorem for Nonlocal Equations in the Heisenberg Group Abstract   PDF (English)
Eleonora Cinti
Seminars 2016 A Measure Zero UDS in the Heisenberg Group Abstract   PDF (English)
Andrea Pinamonti, Gareth Speight
Seminars 2015 A Note on Viscous Capillary Fluids in Fast Rotation Abstract   PDF (English)
Francesco Fanelli
Seminars 2013 A priori estimates for nonvariational operators modeled on Hörmander's vector fields with drift Abstract   PDF (English)
Marco Bramanti
Seminars 2014 A Smale Type Result and Applications to Contact Homology Abstract   PDF (English)
Vittorio Martino
Seminars 2014 Algebras of Complete Hörmander Vector Fields, and Lie-Group Construction Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Andrea Bonfiglioli
Seminars 2016 An Eigenvalue Problem for Nonlocal Equations Abstract   PDF (English)
Giovanni Molica Bisci, Raffaella Servadei
Seminars 2016 Analytic Hypoellipticity and the Treves Conjecture Abstract   PDF (English)
Marco Mughetti
Seminars 2010 Capacità d'insiemi su alberi, grafi e spazi metrici Ahlfors-regolari Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Nicola Arcozzi
Seminars 2011 Decadimento uniforme per equazioni integro-differenziali lineari di Volterra Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Stefania Gatti
Seminars 2011 Determining the source term in an abstract parabolic problem from a time integral of the solution Abstract   PDF (English)
Davide Guidetti
Seminars 2011 Differential forms in Carnot groups: a variational approach Abstract   PDF (English)
Annalisa Baldi
Seminars 2013 Direct and inverse problems for linear relations Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Angelo Favini
Seminars 2011 Disuguaglianze di Harnack alla frontiera per equazioni di Kolmogorov Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Sergio Polidoro
Seminars 2012 Double ball property: an overview and the case of step two Carnot groups Abstract   PDF (English)
Giulio Tralli
Seminars 2013 Erratum to Intrinsic stratification of analytic varieties Abstract   PDF (English)
François Treves
Seminars 2013 Existence result for the CR-Yamabe equation Abstract   PDF (English)
Vittorio Martino
Seminars 2015 Gevrey-Type Resolvent Estimates at the Threshold for a Class of Non-Selfadjoint Schrödinger Operators Abstract   PDF (English)
Xue Ping Wang
Seminars 2015 Global Attractors for Semilinear Parabolic Problems Involving X-Elliptic Operators Abstract   PDF (English)
Stefanie Sonner
Seminars 2015 Group Actions On The Sphere And Multiplicity Results For The Cr-Yamabe Equation Abstract   PDF (English)
Vittorio Martino
Seminars 2014 Harmonic Analysis Techniques in Several Complex Variables Abstract   PDF (English)
Loredana Lanzani
Seminars 2012 Harnack inequalities for hypoelliptic evolution operators: geometric issues and applications Abstract   PDF (Italiano)
Sergio Polidoro
Seminars 2011 Hypoellipticity and Non Hypoellipticity for Sums of Squares of Complex Vector Fields Abstract   PDF (English)
Antonio Bove
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