On the First Boundary Value Problem for Hypoelliptic Evolution Equations: Perron-Wiener Solutions and Cone-Type Criteria


  • Alessia E. Kogoj Università degli Studi di Salerno




Dirichlet problem, Perron-Wiener solution, Boundary behavior of Perron-Wiener solutions, Exterior cone criterion, Hypoelliptic operators, Potential theory


For every bounded open set Ω in RN+1, we study the first boundary problem for a wide class of hypoelliptic evolution operators. The operators are assumed to be endowed with a well behaved global fundamental solution that allows us to construct a generalized solution in the sense of Perron-Wiener of the Dirichlet problem. Then, we give a criterion of regularity for boundary points in terms of the behavior, close to the point, of the fundamental solution of the involved operator. We deduce exterior conetype criteria for operators of Kolmogorov-Fokker-Planck-type, for the heat operators and more general evolution invariant operators on Lie groups. Our criteria extend and generalize the classical parabolic-cone condition for the classical heat operator due to Effros and Kazdan. The results presented are contained in [K16].


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