Noncommutative Fourier Analysis on Invariant Subspaces: Frames of Unitary Orbits and Hilbert Modules over Group von Neumann Algebras


  • Davide Barbieri Universidad Autonoma de Madrid



Frames, Group representations, Hilbert modules, Fourier analysis


This is a joint work with E. Hernández, J. Parcet and V. Paternostro. We will discuss the structure of bases and frames of unitary orbits of discrete groups in invariant subspaces of separable Hilbert spaces. These invariant spaces can be characterized, by means of Fourier intertwining operators, as modules whose rings of coefficients are given by the group von Neumann algebra, endowed with an unbounded operator valued pairing which defines a noncommutative Hilbert structure. Frames and bases obtained by countable families of orbits have noncommutative counterparts in these Hilbert modules, given by countable families of operators satisfying generalized reproducing conditions. These results extend key notions of Fourier and wavelet analysis to general unitary actions of discrete groups, such as crystallographic transformations on the Euclidean plane or discrete Heisenberg groups.


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